I’m sick and tired of being sick and tired!!!

I have decided that I have to do something. I’m am sick and tired of always being sick and tired. Life sucks I get that, but does it always have to suck for me??? What can I do to make things better?

I have decided that maybe just maybe I will try to blog one item a day that says how I am attempting to change my attitude, my laziness, etc……. But to get this going?? I think I’m a little nervous. But I can do it. (I think)

Monkey love, hugs and kisses



Snarky sarcastic bish???

What exactly does a snarky sarcastic bish do??? Well in my life, the snark comes from having to deal with a teenager, pre-teen and 9 year old that apparently suffers from ADHD.  I say apparently because I won’t let the docs give him the meds that they wanna put him on because I don’t believe that helps at all.  But that is my personal opinion, not an opinion of doctors or other parents.  I love my children, but some days……

Yes I do wear my Spencer bracelets.  I seriously need 100 Monkeys to do something more than slap bracelets #justsaying.  BTW  if you are interested in 100 Monkeys music please check out http://www.100monkeysmusic.com/ Trust me, once u go monkey, you won’t go back…… Wait maybe that is meant for a different post.

My daughter has surpassed me when it comes to sarcasm.  I don’t know when it happened or quite how it happened.  But it did indeed happen.  How do I know that she is more sarcastic than me??? Well just the other day, when asked a question about sarcasm because youngest needed the definition, I promise you, her pic was right there.  Of course, now is the time that she has decided that Mom knows nothing, Dad is now awesome and she knows it all.  I am about ready to toss her out the door on her ass and let her see exactly what she knows.  Of course, being in the top 90th percentile of her class makes her think that she knows everything and all others know nothing.  But its all good, class smarts doesn’t give ya street smarts and that is where the boys will always be ahead of her.

Now my oldest started out in this world weighing 3lbs. 15 ozs. and has only grown stronger and I wish I could say wiser, but taller will work here.  He is much taller than me, has size 13 shoes and honest to god, cries when he is playing his video game.  Why I don’t know but he does, its true scary as heck.  I am working hard on getting him to graduate high school next May.  Please dear God give me the strength to make it through this time.

My youngest……… now where do I start with him???? I love him to pieces, I really do.  And by that I mean, there are times that I love all of him and times that I love parts of him.  He has the snark.  Let me tell ya, he can come out with the greatest comebacks.  Out of nowhere and I just can’t stop giggling.  His dancing makes me smile even more.  Last summer, he told me I want to be a dancing monkey on tv.  I cannot fathom where he got this idea, but hey anything he decides to do will be a great improvement right????

His fave band at the moment happens to be 100 Monkeys.  He loves Future Radio and The Monkey Song (thanks Spencer).  He wanted so bad to see them in a concert that he told me, “please mommy, have a yard sale and sell all my toys so I can go to a concert.”  Now, I don’t know about you, but that about broke my heart.  I feel bad when I can’t always get things for my kids and I knew that this was something he would want to do.  So what I did was when they got all the shows set for last summer, I made sure that I could afford a ticket to get him to the Orlando show.  All the kids got to go and have fun, but unfortunately I underestimated how much he would be tired and hungry by the time that they were done.  He did not get to meet the guys, broke my heart, however he did get a Jerad Monkey *check out the monkey mart on their website* and after explaining to the guys about him, they signed it and I took it back to the hotel to give to him.  He cried but was sooooooo excited.  I promised him that I will get him back to another show and he WILL get to meet the guys.  This is a pic of my son at the show.  Adorbs!!!

Monkey love, hugs and kisses



I own too many pj’s to be successful in my goal

Yes, I do believe that I have need to get more regular clothes and less pjs.  I have so many pjs that i can wear them all day every day for several weeks at least and thats changing every day.  Not a good plan if I am trying to say awake and start walking more. I don’t care if I wake up at noon, I need to learn put on clothes even if they don’t match or look fashionable, just as long as I stay out of the pjs.  But also on that note, if I do put on clothes, then I must put on pjs before going to bed.

These are a fave pair of pj’s that I own.  I got them in Tampa at a Target the night before my first 100 Monkeys concert.  I will tell ya’ll more about the band another time because I have many stories in regards to them.  But these are Paul Frank pj’s and they have monkey’s on them so I was a happy girl. Again I still say that I have  too many pj’s around to keep up my goal of putting on clothes every day.

I will see how this goes and keep ya updated.  Today I actually got dressed, went for a 20 minute walk, yes i know that is not much but really for me? Yea its a big deal, and started looking through my scrap-booking items to make sure I could find the items to make a postcard for an adorable girl.  Now to get the post card made, yea that’s the next goal.

Monkey love, hugs and kisses