I enjoy dreaming…

The one thing I can say best about sleeping is my dreams.  It can’t be because I wake up feeling more tired than I did when I went to bed, so we shall go with dreaming.  Have you ever had a dream in which you woke up smiling??? Or even better woke yourself up giggling???  Yea I love those days.

The other night I had a dream.  No not the Martin Luther King Jr kind of dreams.  No my dreams are about a certain someone.  I shall not reveal that dream because it’s just too much.  However, I do know of two people who I have told part of said dream to, please ladies be kind and don’t share.


Monkey love, hugs and kisses




Daytona 500 hijinks…..

I live not far from Daytona Beach.  I love the area except on speed weeks, biker weeks and any time there is a race.  I don’t like a whole bunch of people.  But this year, the poor racers and their families.  Here it is, Tuesday morning and we are still running the race.  I feel so bad for the families cause it seems like they have been at Daytona forever i’m sure.

The first caution showed up on lap 2.  I know you guys have been wanting to race, but really that early????  But it took out one of my not so fave drivers, so I was ok with that.  I mean this was the first time that the race had ever been postponed to the next day.  Gotta love rain delays.  And then it was gonna be at 12 noon today and they saw the rain clouds and then it was decided nah let’s get it going at 7 pm.  Now it’s after midnight and I have to say I love them for keeping them going.

There was a caution with 40 laps to go and people were pitting and then all of a sudden there was a huge crash.  A car was on the yellow part of the track when something broke on his car, he went up and slammed into the jetfuel dryers.  Now these vehicles are filled with jet fuel and the car was damaged.  Big DUH there.  And the truck was damaged as well.  The flames were huge and they red flagged the race and then cleaned up the mess.  They will get this race finished.  The tenacity of these workers, racers and even announcers is amazing.

I just hope that whoever wins realizes how long I have stayed up to watch this race.  Its great, the guys and one gal who is racing, got to have a bit of a relaxation.  But once this race is done, I feel kinda bad for the guys who win cause they have to celebrate all nite.  Take all the pictures that is needed and then get ready for all the interviews that happens.  Plus they have to say goodbye to their car.  Poor guys!!!! But good luck to whoever wins.  I might re-edit this once we know for sure, but that could be an hour away.  Trust me, I know of what I speak.

I was there in 2010 when there was a pot hole on the track.  We stayed the whole dang time, freezing our asses off.  But I finally said enough is enough and we are going to the buses.  That race ended up with Daddy’s driver winning.  Poor guy didn’t even get to see it happen.  I have decided that I will stay and keep typing cause there are now only 15 laps to go.

My boy Junior, Dale jr. for those who don’t know, is right now in 3rd.  My other boy is Tony Stewart and hes still so far in it.  Oh great, 13 laps to go and theres another accident.  I think that my boy Tony missed it but might have some damage.  Damnit, he ran into Jamie Mac……. ARGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  But it doesn’t look there is too much damage to Tony’s car.  Thank God!!!!!

Damn poor Keselowski and yes i’m sure that I spelled his name wrong, but the boy can drive for sure, but he was keeping us apprised of the situation.  But he almost went up and over.  That’s definitely the scary part of it all.  Hes ok.  And I have to say, not one of my fave drivers but he sure does have manners and I love that he tweets.

My boy Junior is still in 3rd and i’m happy about that.  Daytona has been an expensive race for the trucks, nationwide and now the big boys playing.  Hmmmmmm I wonder how this will go down.  10 laps to go so far and its already been 10 minutes lol.  8 Laps to go.  They will start with 7 laps to go.  OMG I hate this lol.  I was trying to sleep, that a long red flag stop.  But once I knew it was gonna keep going, I had to come out here and finish watching it.  Thank God, i’m not there at the track, totally awesome.

Guess what?????? Another caution with 4 laps to go and this time??? Yea Tony got turned around.  Stupid meffers!!!!!!  Great give him some tires and let him go at it.  Stenhouse???? Please I know its hard, but leave Tony Stewart alone damnit!!!!  Tony is one hell of a driver, the car looks great, yea he needs tires.  But that’s about it.  That’s why he’s my boy.  I told ya guys.  Now we will probably get Green, White, Checkers.   We got 3 times for it.  I wonder how many more cautions we will get before the night is done.

I figure there will be at least one more caution, just cause I am awesome.   Green flag will wave, then if white flag is taken, then the race is done no matter what happens.  So its gonna be a race to the finish….. I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Here we go ladies and gentleman…… let’s get ready to race….  White flag so the race is done…. now who will win??????  Here we go boys!!!!!  And the winner is……… Kenseth…… and Junior got 2nd……. Jeff Burton got 5th…… Harvick got 7th…. Not a bad finish….


Monkey love, hugs and kisses





Life scares me….

I have 3 kids in school.  One in high school, one in middle and one in elementary school.  I pray every day that I send them off to school that I don’t get a phone notification saying that there’s been a shooting or worse.  I got a notice one day about my 2 youngest kids’ schools.  There was a burglar who had been caught, then got out of the car near their schools and their schools were put on lockdown for safety precautions.  I have never had to deal with that ever and I pray to God that I never get the school shooting.

I feel for those families.  Not just the families of children shot, but what about the family of the young man who felt this was the only way that he could take care of the situation????  How does a parent not notice those kind of things.  My oldest son just got his first facebook account and you better believe I will be watching it.  But my kids know that they can talk to me and they do.  My daughter might not wanna talk about growing up and all that goes with it, but if anyone bothers her, I hear about it.  My youngest right now is having some issues after school, after he gets off the bus.  So now his older brother walks to the bus stop and things have stopped.  But why does this happen??? Who has the answers???

Remember please share every day the monkey love, hugs and kisses I send ya.  Someone, somewhere needs one or two.


Monkey love, hugs and kisses



Another School Shooting????

Dear God,

Please keep these families in your prayers.  Please explain to me why it has to happen???  Can we explain to the families of these kids why kids do this???  It breaks my heart and I cannot understand why this happens.  Bullies don’t need to do this.  I hope that all involved know that my prayers are with you.  And i’m sorry.

Please God, keep these families in your thoughts.  Give them the solace that you can give them at this time.


Monkey love, hugs and kisses



I sick….

I should have posted, but I did not.  I barely got on the computer much less move from my bed.  I have now moved from my bed.  I still icky.  I have to try to eat something.  I need the fluids and something in the tummy.

I hope that everyone had a great weekend.  I truly hope that ya did.  Daytona 500 was suppose to be this Sunday.  Also on this Sunday, a friend of the 100 Monkeys and fan was buried.  It was a rainy day, I think that down south, this was how we were mourning.  Rest in Peace Cindy.


Monkey love, hugs and kisses



I’m a bitch and proud of it….

Mommy made it back to the house, but while she was out…. Katie started a new Facebook account.  http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100003549410427  Please feel free to add me if you want.  If i add ya, it’s cause I love ya.  If it takes a while please understand that I now have 2 accounts to take care of, but eventually only one of them will be open soon.

Why did I do that do you ask??? I know that someone is gonna ask themselves.  So here is the reason, someone started some bullshit with a friend.  Now I wasn’t going to get involved, but then she called my Brit friend two faced.  That’s when I stepped in, I called her a liar and told her that she had bad information.  She then blocked me and I went off because seriously if you are gonna block me, at least have the brass balls, brass cajones, big girl panties or big boy panties to talk to me.  But then she apologized to me and I was like well if u mean it great.  I’ve been blocked again.  So I effing lost it on Facebook.  I copied and pasted what she told me and how she acted.  Now two faced??? Yea you are and i’m glad that its off my chest and that I will NEVER have to deal with ya on twitter or Facebook again because now you are BLOCKED.  And the reason???  Because you are a liar, you are two faced and btw here are the bloody knives that I pulled outta my back.  They might not all belong to you, but you can keep them all because I’m a fucking bitch.  And quite fucking proud of it.  So if you have an issue, you might get to see this blog and can comment.  Otherwise, one of your little spies, stupid bitches that follow you without questioning what you do and say, will find it and share it with ya.


Monkey love, hugs and kisses