I needed to say thank you…..

I need to say thanks to all who wrote in on my Challenge.  I was amazed at your stories.  This is why I did that.  I wanted you to share how you feel, how you felt, why you will always love them, etc……. So I have a long list of people to thank so let me get down to it…..


Thanks to……

Miranda, she didn’t know me, but she read them so she answered, too kewl

Stevie Rae … the youngest and made cry hard, tyvm

Summer sent me two, thanks hun loved the pics

Mich sent me two and I love her so much, such great ideas for what she does, I love her so much

Mindy, darlin, know that you amaze me

Deana, thanks love ur tat still

Nadine, you are a great friend

Sally R, she got it from a posting I did, thanks for sharing

Judi answered, love ya

Lilly answered, she was 2nd youngest, I love that she got her first concert ever to be the guys….

Alicen, she rocked and answered, thanks

Kristy N answered and has gotten to meet my friends, I really wanna meet her lol

Kathy answered and trust me that girl, OMG some of the most amazing pics every, tyvm

Sara, my sweet bish <3, answered

Karin, much love sweets, she also answered

Rebekah, she never got to see a show, but she answered anyways

Tiffany, one of the few I have actually met,

Dayna, one of the first people I talked to on twitter about the guys,

Jennifer D, again a friend who answered, much love to ya, Jensen is yours, #thatisall

Laurie D my girl who uses the music while she writes

Lea answered, thanks hun so much

Jane, a long time twitter and facebook friend

Sabine answered, I love her name and her story

Melissa, this one meant a lot to me, she has a great story

Elizabeth answered, but didn’t think it was good enough, but I loved it

Gayle answered, she’s been a long time friend, thanks hun

Sarah H answered, she amazes me, I love her so much!!!

Mantha answered me, she follows me on blog and I love reading hers

Calamity Jen, I love this chick so much, she writes stories….. I love reading bwhahahahahha and her story??? yea so worth reading

Maris was the first to answer and I thank her for doing that for me


Does this mean that I’m done Challenging you????  Hell no, please send me any other stories you would like to see posted.  The challenge then is the same as the challenge now.  If you are a fan of 100 Monkeys, please feel free to send me a story at  I will be more than happy to post it.  If you have seen them in concert, feel free to share.  If you haven’t, please remember, their music means something to you, so share that story with me as well.  If you have made amazing new friends cause of the guys, let me know that too.  No story is bad, trust me, we all appreciate reading about anything.  I did this to help us all heal.  We have been through a lot.  They are going through a lot and I want them to know that we love them no matter what.  We will support them no matter how nuts I think they are.  Because of the guys, I have met some of the most amazing friends ever.  And I have yet to meet more, I wanna meet them all.  Now we will have to find a way to get it done, but I have some thoughts…….. Scary I know…..


Monkey love, hugs and kisses







I haven’t forgotten to blog again…..

Awwwwwwwwwww hell I did.  Damnit all to hell, what am I thinking??? Oh yea, I’m thinking, I took allergy meds and lost a day.  And I’m still FUCKING tired.  WTF is going on with me???  I wish I knew, but for those who read and care… I did see the doc today, am getting so much blood work done, I think I may be faint after I let them take what they need lol.

But by end of this month, I should have some more answers.  YAY for me….

Now on the other hand, I have 3 kids, a dog and a cat.  The dog and the cat could leave and i’d be happier.  But the kids would be pissed off.  I hate cat fur, I have it everywhere lol.  I think that maybe just maybe I should have gotten a short haired animal.  Damn shes being a bitch again to me now.  No I don’t want to let you outside, you are such a chicken that as soon as you hop out, you run right back in when the wind comes up.  WTF????

And the dog, oh dear god don’t get me started on the dog, but he has issues.  He needs a buddy but ummmm no more animals in this house for me, they are just too dang much.  I need no more hairs flying thru the air, fuck.

Okay, lets see, kids are all doing great so far.  Back in school, thank god for small miracles.  Oldest gets medal from his ROTC class on Wednesday night.  I’m so proud of him.  He wants to be army, so good for him.

Okay this must get out, expect a pic, quote and maybe even a song soon…..


Monkey love, hugs and kisses