My 10th most viewed blog…..

Snarky Sarcastic Bish!!!

Well that would make for a different kind of Olympics wouldn’t it??? lol

Monkey love, hugs and kisses


THIS IS MY 10TH MOST VIEWED BLOG.  Y’all are some sick bishes ain’t ya???????

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Happy One Year Blogiversary to Me…….

Wow I made it.  I look down and realize that I am so not dressed for this occasion.  But in my defense, I still feel like shit.  I hope that y’all are having a wonderful day.




I should break open the bubbly and drink, but I think that would defeat my purpose of sleeping all damn day.  I hope that everything finds y’all well.  It’s been a crazy year……




I don’t have a balloon fetish or anything but this is indeed something to celebrate.  I don’t usually last all that long on anything and to think I have been doing this for a year?????  Who the hell thunk it????

I could go on and on, but I won’t.  I will let ya know that my plans to celebrate are small.  Like I said, i’m going back to bed and want to sleep all day.  Would love for the pain in my ear to go away.  But I doubt that it will.  Would also like the sore throat and crap to leave me too.  Yea that’s happening….  I hate feeling crappy.




I am glad that y’all are still here.  Doubt that many are here from that first day, but if you are….. THANK YOU!!!!  If you continue staying, thanks again cause I know I am hard to deal with sometimes.  I truly do appreciate y’all.  If I had money or something I would probably do a giveaway but i’m poor, so all you get are some pics and my thanks.

I am hoping to get a listing of my Top 10 blogs and putting them on here in order.  I was thinking do #1 first, but who does that???  Okay, I’ll find em and then we will do a countdown to my most fave/visited blog.  Def not My most fave, but what y’all ended up reading about the most.


Monkey love, hugs and kisses



Misery loves company……

Misery loves company so I have been told.  The boy has to learn to cough in his hand and wash em.  I am tired of getting his illnesses.  If they didn’t last so damn long for me, I’d be so much better.  But not my luck, I get em and they make me sick for a week or so.  Or even longer, I avoided the cold but this flu has totally kicked my ass.  I can barely move.  I don’t yak so much, no lucky me, well just you know.

So today is not having a pic of the day, i’m so dang tired right now of this all.


Monkey love, hugs and kisses



Pic of the day……

Okay, the kids are getting over their nasty colds. Now we get to deal with the puking, gassy, vomiting and other bodily functions of the flu.  Did I mention dizziness, nausea and overall not feeling like I am here??????  I avoided the cold mostly, but this??? Yea I am not gonna get to avoid this I am afraid.  I blame the hubs, he got the flu shot and apparently likes to freaking share.  Someone please put me outta my misery.  Seriously…  I have way too much to do this first part of the month of February.  Argh…..  This pic is from Laurie on Facebook.  It just made me laugh hardcore.




Trust me, if we were taking pics of me now, they would NEVER get posted.  ARGH….


Monkey love, hugs and kisses



What I have not done….

What I have not done would fill up many, many books.  But lately that seems to be getting worse.  Did y’all realize that I am coming up on my One Year Anniversary for blogging?????? OMG has it really been that long????  I cannot even begin to imagine.  I believe that starting on Jan. 30th, my anniversary, I will either reblog  one fave post a day, or else maybe just put out Monkey pics.  Who knows??? I am sure I will forget something.  LOL I always do.  But hopefully I will remember that day to go back and look at where I started and see where I have come.  I don’t believe I have improved everything for the better good, but we will see.


Monkey love, hugs and kisses