Pic of the day…..

What the hell was I thinking??? I knew today was Thursday.  FML 3 hours of sleep and a much busy evening, yea I know that is the wrong way to say it, but fuck off y’all.  I’m fucking tired…….  So here is a pic of the day.  Not of my twitter stuff but of a cute cat I am sure of it.  LOL


download (7)


Hehehehehehe.  I love kittens, so adorable.


Monkey love, hugs, and kisses




Damn, did I do that????

I had heard about getting your twitter archive sent to ya.  I didn’t do it, until last night, then wow….  Was I really that bad of a tweeter???  I started twitter because of a boy and damn, I have made that boy suffer.  Bwhahahahahahhaha.  Well tis only fair since he has made me suffer as well.  Chances are y’all are gonna be hearing about some of those early tweets cause you know I was fucking epic right????  Like all the time????  Or not…..


Monkey love, hugs and kisses



Pic of the day….

I am in a ragey mood.  Okay not really, but yesterday I was.  I knew if I said anything it would be taken the wrong way.  And I had people question me and make me feel guilty.  Damnit, this is not how it is suppose to be.  So I have made a decision.  I will only support financially one select person when I can.  At least he shows appreciation.  For everyone else, right now, i’m just too damn poor to do it.  So I will do twit parties, blog or otherwise share the information for those that want money.  I cannot and will not donate any more to anyone.  I am officially done.  But y’all do what you can to support those that you love. *winks*

Let’s see, son is gonna graduate end of May.  Daughter promotes to 9th grade in June.  Youngest will want to go to pool this summer, so yea I am going to have some fun with that.  Hope y’all have a great rest of the school year.  I cannot wait for it to end.   Then maybe the stress levels will go down.  My oldest is either going to ROTC for college or he will enlist into Marine Corps.  Well there went my stress levels.  Can stress and worry kill you???????

Hope ya’ll enjoy this pic.




BTW #truestory…


Monkey love, hugs and kisses