Phillips Chocolates

Eat Your Tarte Out

It’s no surprise that I love chocolate. A lot of people love chocolate. However, when you get to see the behind the scenes of where chocolate is made, it turns your love affair into something way more tangible that people can relate to.

Take Phillips Chocolates for example. They are Boston’s oldest chocolatier and are still making things the old fashioned way. Since 1925, their recipes have remained much the same and they’re located in the same place in which they started! While much has changed in the surrounding areas, their dedication to old fashioned goodness stands the test of time. It’s definitely not easy having a family owned and operated business that can say they’ve seen their business through the Depression, wars and stock market crashes. Isn’t it nice knowing that there was chocolate to keep everyone going through all these tumultuous time?

Mary Ann Nagle leads the…

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