The Sad Story of Monster Tulip.


This story was inspired by Little Shop of Horrors the play, movie, and cartoon. All images and words are mine.

Dedicated to @JaysBabycakes73… Thanks for the fun with Seymour and Audrey…that chat is what got this story rolling.


I was out and about, strolling through Pike’s Place Market.

Pike’s Place Market Seattle, WA

I walked into the Farmer’s Market area of the outdoor vendors. The air smelled of fresh fish and flowers. The flowers were beautiful. Colors from every end of the rainbow and in between lined the tables. Bees flitted to and fro among the many varieties of flowers, daring to land on the petals.

So many beautiful choices, but one caught my eye. It stood out like the sun on a cloudy day. A small bunch of fringe tulips. And in this bunch was one that almost smiled at me. He wasn’t standing as tall as…

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