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Well I didn’t choke anyone or myself.  It was actually an enjoyable evening.  I hope y’all are having fun this St. Patrick’s Day.  Unfortunately no one here eats corned beef and cabbage except for the dad, so it’s not being cooked or served.  Thank you god.  We don’t do much here, but hey that’s okay.  Enjoy your day y’all!!!!!






Here’s to drinking yourself sick!!!  Oh wait, that’s not me!!!!  Have fun all ya drunkies!!!!


Monkey love, hugs and kisses




“I got you the moon.”

I watched Jackson Rathbone on White Collar last night.  And I loved it.  A character that didn’t die or almost died.  Wow, I didn’t know he had it in him.  Of course, he loves to make his fans flail but I think that this was a good place for him.  I will try to not do any spoilers usually but if you haven’t seen it, go watch it.  Love love love love it.

I have heard people talking about having feels when they see something.  Now i understand.  I truly get it now.

Urban Dictionary- feels


My fave part of Shoot the Moon, name of epi of White Collar, would have to be this part here….  (thanks Karin for the screencap)



I got you the moon.


Are you fucking kidding me???? I got you the moon????  Really???? What the fuck????



How the hell can you do that to me????




How could you do that to me??? I feel neglected most times anyways but I got you the moon?  Where is my guy telling me that? Why can I not have that for myself? WTF people wtf????  Now my feels won’t let me sleep.  Do we not understand that I need my sleep?


So again I must curse you Jackson Rathbone.  I curse you to the depths of hell.  Just when I was starting to get over you and the feels you do this to me???? I got you the moon….. FML


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I might never get over this.  Stop being so damn sexy and adorable.  Please tell me you can’t cook, that would just kill me if you can.


I got you the moon.  Where is MY moon fucker????


Monkey love, hugs and kisses