The Sad Story of Monster Tulip.


This story was inspired by Little Shop of Horrors the play, movie, and cartoon. All images and words are mine.

Dedicated to @JaysBabycakes73… Thanks for the fun with Seymour and Audrey…that chat is what got this story rolling.


I was out and about, strolling through Pike’s Place Market.

Pike’s Place Market Seattle, WA

I walked into the Farmer’s Market area of the outdoor vendors. The air smelled of fresh fish and flowers. The flowers were beautiful. Colors from every end of the rainbow and in between lined the tables. Bees flitted to and fro among the many varieties of flowers, daring to land on the petals.

So many beautiful choices, but one caught my eye. It stood out like the sun on a cloudy day. A small bunch of fringe tulips. And in this bunch was one that almost smiled at me. He wasn’t standing as tall as…

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Phillips Chocolates

Eat Your Tarte Out

It’s no surprise that I love chocolate. A lot of people love chocolate. However, when you get to see the behind the scenes of where chocolate is made, it turns your love affair into something way more tangible that people can relate to.

Take Phillips Chocolates for example. They are Boston’s oldest chocolatier and are still making things the old fashioned way. Since 1925, their recipes have remained much the same and they’re located in the same place in which they started! While much has changed in the surrounding areas, their dedication to old fashioned goodness stands the test of time. It’s definitely not easy having a family owned and operated business that can say they’ve seen their business through the Depression, wars and stock market crashes. Isn’t it nice knowing that there was chocolate to keep everyone going through all these tumultuous time?

Mary Ann Nagle leads the…

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Pic of the day….

Sorry I wasn’t here to give y’all a pic.  I decided that I wanted to get sick and spend all day in bed.  Yea right, it was decided for me.  All my pics are on the puter so I couldn’t do a pic for ya.  I could blog but no pics except what I have on my phone but ummmm nooooo.  I decided to sleep and watch movies instead.  I did get to see the town crier announce the birth of the newest royal.  Too stinking adorable.


download (22)


I love the glowing eyes.  Enjoy!!!


Monkey love, hugs and kisses



Pic of the day…..

Today’s pic will be a pic of one of my fave bands.  They don’t play together no more, but they will always have a place in my heart.




This is them May 2011 I do believe.  Right before they got started on their Liquid Zoo tour.  About 9 months before all hell broke loose….. What a shame, but remember the good times.


Monkey love, hugs and kisses



Let’s sterilize the men of Texas, Mississpipi, Ohio, Oklahoma, Alabama, Kansas, Wisconsin and Arizona. North Carolina, you might be next.

They have passed a new law in Texas.  The bill mirrors restrictions passed in Mississippi, Ohio, Oklahoma, Alabama, Kansas, Wisconsin and Arizona.  They are again telling women what it is that we can do with our bodies.  Apparently it is okay to do that.  Since when???  But considering that MEN have always believed that they could tell me what I can and cannot do, I have a suggestion for y’all.

Since you males have an issue with my uterus, why don’t we sterilize you????  I mean it’s because the men insist on having sex with us women that we end up getting pregnant.  So since getting pregnant is the issue, why don’t you just make it easier for all women?  We wouldn’t have to worry about having any more narrow minded bigots running around saying “You don’t have a choice, I am going to make it for you.  I am a man and I know all.”

So yea, that’s my opinion on this subject matter.  My body, my rules, fuck you!!!!!


Monkey love, hugs and kisses